“This stunning book will become a classic in comparative research. The authors’ interpretive power is unparalleled. Textual analysis, open-ended interviews, empirical studies in ten counties become an absorbing narrative. By calibrating care and justice, and integrating cultural values within institutional structures. Murder in Our Midst demonstrates the complexities in media ethics with paradigm-changing intelligence.”

Clifford G. Christians, University of Illinois

Murder in Our Midst is necessary reading for citizens, journalists and scholars concerned about the impact of news media on crime, racism and social justice. Employing a global perspective, supported by extensive data, the book speaks to our hope of building a responsible global media and a just global society.”

Stephen Ward, University of British Columbia

“Murder is universal, but it is journalists’ ethical decisions that make coverage of this common crime distinct. This volume is a superb example of comparative scholarship. Practitioners and scholars will learn something about their own professional ethics by understanding the choices of professionals from different countries confronting the same questions. The authors bring a theoretically rich understanding to their readable analysis.”

Lee Wilkins, University of Missouri

“Only a handful of books are published after ripening slowly during several years. Murder in Our Midst clearly belongs to this category, a genre that counts very few practitioners. Romayne Smith Fullerton and Maggie Jones Patterson are among them.”

Fabrizio Tonello, Università di Padova